Stacking Tower - Animals of the World

by Scratch Europe


This cheerfully colored, educational stacking tower with 10 cubes of different sizes can be stacked on top of each other into a tower and placed next to each other as a puzzle. Try to piece the hidden puzzle together by placing the blocks with the correct sides next to each other. The 5 sides are decorated with animals from all over the world and numbers, to teach children to stack, do puzzles, count and recognize things.

Nice extra: 5 blocks have a cut-out so that you can place 2 blocks over each other. For example, place “block 10” over “block 9” and so combine the habitat with the right animal. So, for example, you can combine the bamboo forest with the panda, the lion in the savannah, the toucan in the jungle, etc. In this way the child learns in a fun and playful way which animal belongs where.

Ages 12m+