DK Sticker Encyclopedia Around the World

by Timeless Toys Chicago


A fun-filled travel activity book with more than 600 reusable stickers that will get curious young readers off their screens and increase their international know-how.

Bursting with boredom-busting activities, this on-the-page journey around the world is perfect for entertaining kids who are curious about other countries. They can play their way through fabulous sticker games, brilliant brain teasers, clever quizzes, creative doodling, and so much more. On each page, they'll discover eye-opening aspects of traveling the world, from airports and planes to popular travel sights and fun geographical facts. Sticker Encyclopedia Around the Worldcomes with 30 pages of easy-to-peel stickers to use in the activities, as well as more than 50 games including sightseeing sticker puzzles, city name anagrams, airport mazes, landmark spot-the-difference puzzles, and safari word searches.

Colorful and interactive, Sticker Encyclopedia Around the World will keep kids occupied (and parents happy!) Wherever they are. Young travelers will boost their creativity, develop their knowledge of different countries and continents, and uncover everything our world has to offer. Ready to go? Let's turn the page and explore!

Recommended for ages 5+