Mega Morphibian Croc 49 Mhz

by Kid Galaxy

Rainy days won't be a bummer when a kid has an amphibious vehicle.

It's all-terrain and amphibious. Puddles and pools just add to the fun of driving around this vicious croc complete with scales and a snarly-toothed frown.

With 49MHZ and four-wheel drive powered by remote control, this croc is ready for indoor and outdoor play. Neither gravel nor carpet nor pond will stop the fun! From shallow puddles to deep pools, the croc is right at home.

Extra maneuverable with a great turning radius, let the Morphibians RC Amphibious Vehicle loose to kick up some dirt and leave other RC cars standing idle at the poolside.

Mega Morphibian Crocodile - 49 MHz
  • Crocodile-shaped amphibious RC vehicle
  • Encourages hand-eye coordination, outdoor play
  • Thrilling, versatile RC experience
  • Drives on land (dirt, concrete, carpet, hardwood floor) and water (puddles, ponds, and pools)
  • Vivid lime green body, spring green scales, and yellow aerodynamic spines
  • 49 MHz remote control frequency
  • Race your friends' amphibious vehicles by using different frequencies
  • Dual joystick remote control for extra-maneuverability and U-Turn capable
  • 4-Wheel Drive for an off-road experience
  • Detailed instructions included
  • No assembly required
  • Vehicle requires 3 AA batteries - Not Included
  • Controller requires 2 AAA batteries - Not Included
  • Phillips-head screwdriver required to change batteries - Not Included
  • Controller is not waterproof, but vehicle is!
  • Constructed for lasting durability