50 Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained on a Cold, Winter Day

50 Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained on a Cold, Winter Day

As winter keeps on keeping on, most of us can be found dreaming of Spring. And as much fun as it is to get out in the snow and play, sometimes it just isn’t possible. That’s why we’ve put together hti sling list of activities and ways to play indoors! Next time you’re all feeling a little stuck inside, try an idea or two from the list below. It’s sure to bring some fun to an otherwise monotonous day.

Get Moving!

    1. Bring the outside toys in! Try scooting around the basement or living room on a ride-on toy or (lightly) lick around a soccer ball. 
    2. Place some painter’s tape on the ground to form a hopscotch board and start jumping.
    3. Animal moves — will you walk like the creatures of the jungle, the arctic, or the safari today?
    4. The Floor is Lava! Place pillows all around and hop across to avoid the hot surface!
    5. Learn about exercise — have your kiddos tried situps or pushups? Pretend you’re Olympians and grow your muscles.
    6. Try throwing foam axes to switch things up.
    7. Have a dance party! Turn up the music and wiggle all over the house.
    8. Play pop-up basketball. This set is made for indoor and outdoor use alike.
    9. Set up streamers or tape in a hallway like laser beams or spider webs. Try to crawl through without touching a single one.
    10. Make a fort! Relax inside after all of the gross motor movement it takes to build.

Creative Play

    1.  Bring out the coloring books for a classic art day
    2. Use newspaper, flour, water, and balloons for DIY piñatas
    3. Paint with fruit! Cut it in half and see what kind of print it makes on your paper.
    4. Try your hand at learning to sew with a fun project kit.
    5. Paint rocks! Either the ones you collected outside last summer or with the help of a craft kit.
    6. Try out tie-dye.
    7. Draw shapes on a page and have your child follow the lines with stickers.
    8. Have a play-doh day!
    9. Make your own slime.
    10. Find items around your house to trace.

Magical Make Believe

  1. Have a tea party for the stuffed animals in your home.
  2. Play dress up as princesses, career professionals, animals — the costume choices are endless.
  3. Have the kids put on a puppet show for mom and dad.
  4. Cook up a storm in your play kitchen.
  5. Serve pretend food at a “restaurant,” or make-believe that the kitchen is an eat-out spot with menus and fun foods for the kids.
  6. Make a “zoo” with your animal figurines. Use painter’s tape or blocks as your enclosures.
  7. Take your plush toys to the “vet.”
  8. Use up a box of bandaids by playing “doctor.”
  9. Play “school” with pretend assignments, lunches in paper bags, and recess time indoors.
  10. Build a Magna-Tile castle and protect the royal families from the dragons outside!

Messy Fun

  1. Set out sand or water for your first sensory bin.
  2. Color rice with a drop of food coloring and add cups and scoops to play.
  3. Explore baking soda and vinegar reactions.
  4. Make letters and shapes in shaving foam on the shower walls.
  5. Bring in some snow to explore in a bin.
  6. Make a modeling clay masterpiece.
  7. Blend 1 part bubble bath with 2 parts water to create bubble foam!
  8. Make cookies together in the kitchen.
  9. Paint a cardboard box fort and then play inside.
  10. Try your hand at bracelet making with beads or string.

Build, Build, Build

  1. Make a cardboard ramp for cars on the couch, bed, or stairs.
  2. Build a block tower as tall as you!
  3. Create a train track that circles your play space.
  4. Design a structure with marshmallows and toothpicks.
  5. Make a robot with cardboard boxes and tin foil.
  6. Put together a new LEGO set.
  7. Build a marble run with every piece you own.
  8. Put together your largest puzzle yet!
  9. Work fine motor skills with Plus Plus Tubes.
  10. Play action and reaction with Zig and Go.

And that’s a wrap! What will you try first from this list of 50 fun ways to play indoors? Be sure to share your adventures with us — we love to see your smiles and adventures every single day!

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