Teens Need to Play, Too — Toys to Help Parents Connect with Teenagers

Teens Need to Play, Too — Toys to Help Parents Connect with Teenagers

The teenage years are HARD — both for the parents and for the kid themselves. There are changes at every corner, pressures to figure out what the future holds, and so much more. One unique way to support our children through this stage is through play — yes, even if they promise they’re too old when you first mention it.


There are plenty of “toys” on today’s market that are perfect for creating strong parent-teen connections. Read on to discover a few of our favorite options:

Superior Sports —

Teens tend to love sports, whether they play them in school or just like the competition they can bring out in the home. When you bring sports-related games to family time, you’re likely going to get some interaction, and maybe even a few smartphone-free moments to enjoy.


Door Pong — Door Pong is exactly what it sounds like — ping pong played against a door in your home! Set it up as a solo play game or challenge each other to see who can paddle perfectly the longest.


Door Pong - Holiday Catalog 2021 – Timeless Toys Chicago


Juggling for the Complete Klutz — There’s something about juggling that makes even the coolest teens want to try, and this kit from Klutz makes it a pretty simple process, too.


Juggling for the Complete Klutz – Timeless Toys Chicago


Toss, Catch, and Fly — Many teens love action, so bringing out unique balls and other outdoor toys is a perfect way to get them up and moving — and interacting with the family. Below are some of our favorite options from the shop:


Board Games Galore —

If you’re looking for more of a downtime-style toy, board games are the perfect choice. Whether you need a rainy day activity or family night addition, the following options are sure to entertain your teen:


Exploding Kittens — this is a silly, Uno-like strategic game. Try it out for a fun time filled with goats, magical enchiladas, sad sauce, and so much more.


Exploding Kittens – Timeless Toys Chicago


Monopoly — This game never gets old, even when it takes four hours and a few secret, cheat moves to make it to the end.


Monopoly Classic Game – Timeless Toys Chicago


EXIT Games — These frightening, mystery-filled games are the perfect way to switch up game night to suit the big kids.


exit: - Timeless Toys Chicago


Arts to Enjoy —

With all that the teen years entail, art can be the perfect way to destress at the end of a busy week. The following crafts are perfect for the more experienced artists in the house:


Spirograph — This classic drawing tool never gets old, and its mesmerizing technique is an excellent way to wind down with family.


Spirograph Animator - Holiday Catalog 2021 – Timeless Toys Chicago


Craft-Tastic Bracelet Box Kit — Bracelet making is a great way to offer self-expression in the home. It can be fun to create pieces for each other on family night, too.


Craft-tastic: Bracelet Box Kit – Timeless Toys Chicago



No matter what products you choose for your teen, they’re sure to lead to connections and plenty of quality family fun.

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