The Steve Cochran Show 11/6/23

The Steve Cochran Show 11/6/23

Veterans Day is a time to honor and thank the brave men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces. On this particular day, we must show appreciation for their sacrifices and dedication to keeping our country safe.

Scott Friedland, an 11-year veteran of the Army Reserve, recently joined the Steve Cochran Show to discuss ways to show our gratitude to our veterans and celebrate Veterans Day. Scott is also the owner of Timeless Toys, a toy store that focuses on providing unique and engaging toys for children of all ages.

During his interview, Scott talked about his military service and shared his experience of being deployed overseas. He emphasized the importance of supporting our troops and showing them their service is appreciated. Scott also discussed how he became the owner of Timeless Toys and how the store has a unique selection of toys that promote creativity, imagination, and learning.

To make this holiday season more fun and engaging for the entire family, Scott shared some games parents can play with their children. He recommended games such as Bounce-Off, a fast-paced game that requires players to bounce balls into a grid, and Bananagrams, a fun and educational word game that helps improve vocabulary and spelling.


Listen to the Interview here  ‘Timeless Toys is an oasis for kids to play and explore.’ – Owner of Timeless Toys Scott Friedland on the Steve Cochran Show | WLS-AM 890 | WLS-AM (

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