Winter Fun for the Whole Family

Winter Fun for the Whole Family

We’re in the depths of winter, but that’s no excuse to stay inside! Fresh air and sunshine are still so beneficial to children, and their little bodies often need to move around more than our indoor spaces can provide. So, consider bundling up sometime this week and trying one or two of these activities outside!

At-Home Ideas

The easiest way to get some fresh air in the winter is to head out into your yard or neighborhood park. Here are some creative, entertaining ideas to try while you’re out there:

  • Build a snow fort.
  • Make snowmen or sculptures of your favorite animals with snow, fallen branches, twigs, and stones.
  • Bring the balls! Playing catch with a football or baseball can be just as fun in the snow.
  • Bring a bowl of snow inside and make snow cones or snow ice cream.
  • Have a contest! See who can throw a snowball the farthest or pull a sled with the heaviest items stacked on top.
  • Bring some paint outside and color a masterpiece on top of the frozen snow.
  • Lay down in the snow and then measure the imprint in snowballs — how many tall are you?
  • Bury each other's legs in the snow (with snow pants and boots on, of course).
  • Shovel a driveway or sidewalk for a neighbor.
  • Write your name or other fun words in the snow (like you would in the sand on a beach).

Day Trip Ideas

Getting out and about is nice when you have the time! These trips are super fun in the snow:

  • Go skiing, snowboarding, or tubing.
  • Go to your favorite summertime trail and try out a winter hike.
  • Go snowshoeing or cross-country skiing.
  • Try out a local playground in the snow (be careful if it’s a little slippery!).
  • Bring a picnic to a local park. Be sure to bring foods you can eat with your gloves on!
  • Search for animal tracks at a nature reserve.

Activities to Try When it’s Too Cold to go Outside

We all know that sometimes it truly is too cold to go outside. When that happens and you all need something fun to do, consider some of the following activities:

No matter what kind of day it is, the activities listed above can keep your family busy and having fun. Be sure to tell us which ones you try out — we love to hear about all the smiles and laughs in your homes!

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